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How to Make a Great Online Dating Profile

Advice and tips for writing a great profile for maximum success in the online dating game.

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IranianPersonals is a great website for Iranian singles to mingle. If you're keen to learn how to write an effective dating profile, simply follow our guidelines. Here are some tips to get you going.

Create Your Profile Using Information about Yourself That You Are Comfortable Sharing

  • Before writing your profile, jot down a list of all the information that you would consider adding.
  • Then go through your list and make sure that you haven't included anything that is too personal. Although your privacy is protected on our website, it is also important that you don't reveal too much unnecessary information in your profile.
  • Be 100% honest about anything you write so that you create a realistic profile that you can live up to.

Be Straightforward About What You Want

  • This is your profile and you are free to state exactly what you want out of life and what you expect from a relationship and it will help to attract the right people to your profile and make the dating process somewhat simpler. If you are looking for an Iranian who is of a certain faith, it's good to mention this. You could even make a list of the values which are important to you.

Vary Your Vocabulary and Use Some Catchy Phrases

  • A great profile that stands out is well written and indicates that you are an educated, sensible individual. Adding a catchy phrase or two helps to grab the attention of the reader and could make you seem more relatable.
  • Show your sense of humor and check out some existing profiles to get a better idea of how others express themselves on their Iranian profiles.

Make it A Reasonable Length

  • Make sure that you have included all the information that you need in the dating profile generator, bearing in mind that it should not be too long.

5 Guidelines to Writing a Dating Profile for a Men and Women

Writing the text for your profile doesn't need to be a mammoth task and has some great points for both men and women to follow. You can learn how to write a dating profile for a woman or how to write a dating profile for a man.

1. Write a great opening line

The first line of your profile could help to attract more users as it gives them an impression of what you are like.

Opening Lines for Women

Try to come up with a phrase that reflects your character and your personality, this is sure to attract more men to your profile. Here are a few lines, including some witty dating profile examples to consider:

Some people chase dreams, I make mine come true.
Great cook... if you want to add some spice to your life...
If love is a crime, I'll do my time!
I'm a combo of traditional and contemporary. Simple at heart and straight with views. I want my man to be honest.
I am scribbling a book of love. Can you form my imagination?

Opening Lines for Men

Men often like to use humor in their opening lines, but try and not be to silly, just be yourself and take a look at these opening lines for inspiration:

Optimistic, understanding, and patient. My goals are distinct. Want a faithful woman with the same virtues.
Living the dream! Want to join me?
Life is not meant to be serious all the time. Can I persuade you to infuse some fun into my life?
If fun is all you want, be my online date! And then my soul mate...
Neurosurgeon, but know the ways of the heart.

2. Write a short text describing your goals and your profession.

For Women

Here is a chance for you to let them know more about you as a person and what type of lifestyle you live as well as the kind of man you are attracted to. It is important for a man to know whether you are career-oriented or not and what you expect in a future relationship. For example, you may be focused on your career, but still hope to live an exciting life and travel before settling down and are looking for someone who has similar goals for the future. You could be less interested in a career, you're a homebody and are looking for a wonderful man to start a family with.

For Men

Are you a very professional person or someone who prefers a quiet work life? Let a woman know what type of lifestyle you live and what type of future relationship you are looking for. Some women are looking for a man with a stable income and a good profession. Mentioning your profession and work life can be a drawing card for some ladies, although others are more interested in your character and what you want out of your personal relationship in the future. Let women know your goals for the years ahead, but keep it simple.

3. Write a few lines about how you spend your time off

For Women

Your leisure time is when you spend time with people you enjoy socializing with, playing sport or doing other activities. When a man reads your profile and sees that you spend your days off enjoying the same things as he does, this will immediately attract him to your profile. If shopping is a hobby of yours, you will probably attract someone who doesn't go out much and is quite happy to spoil you from time to time.

For Men

Men tend to be sportier than women and enjoy going out to the pub after a workout or a game of football. This type of lifestyle doesn't appeal to many women though and they prefer to have more alone time with their man. So, when mentioning how you spend your free time be sure to point out something that you know the ladies will enjoy.

4. Share your values and religious beliefs.

For Women

Just a couple of sentences could describe who you are as a person and what you expect from a man in a relationship so that you can attract like-minded individuals.

For Men

Share a few of your important values and mention that these are essential to your relationship, also mention your religious preference if you have one, and give women a better idea of what type of character you have.

5. Write a good profile ending

You can finish off your Iranian profile by adding any additional lines to describe the person you are looking for and end on a positive note.

For Women

You could add in something like this, "Looking for an exciting working professional to enjoy life's special moments with, hope to meet you soon!"

For Men

Add a few more lines to describe your perfect women. For example, "I would like to meet a women who is keen on family, enjoys cooking and the outdoors. So, contact me and let's start chatting. You could be my perfect match!"

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