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You know, some of the American food is great. Burgers, hot dogs, and donuts… we Persians just love them. But, there are some food combos that we just don't get! Read through our list and see whether you agree, or not.

  • Grits
    The first one is grits. I don't get why people want to eat ground up corn; that's rather 'sloshy' and unappetizing at the most of the time.
  • Biscuits and Gravy
    What an odd combination? I would never have thought of putting these two together. Tea and biscuits are fine, but the gravy just doesn't do it for me.
  • Red Velvet Cake
    I'm not sure what the whole 'red velvet' thing is about either? It doesn't taste any different; it only makes the cupcakes look weird if you ask me.
  • Tiny chicken wings
    Then there are those tiny chicken wings, which are served with loads of sauce, and you have to eat so many, just to get a taste.
  • Bacon Jam!
    Ok, so Americans love their bacon, but putting it in the jam is just pushing it a bit.
  • Casseroles
    The casseroles may taste good, but some of them look a bit dodgy. We can't always tell whether they're casseroles, as some seem more like soup or pasta dishes.
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