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Hush! Girls Don't Scream by Pouran Derakhshandeh, wins Best Feature Film and Best Actor awards at the 'Action on Film Festival' in Monrovia, California.

Several of her motion pictures which are worth noting include Relationship (1986), A Little Bird of Happiness (1987), A Love Without Frontier (1998), Candle in the Wind (2003), Eternal Children (2006), and Hush! Girls Don't Scream (2013)

This year, Hush! Girls Don't Scream, won best Feature Film and Best Actor awards at the 'Action on Film Festival' which was held from September 2 to 10. The film follows the story of an Iranian woman who is on trial for murdering a man who repeatedly abused her as a child and threatened to do the same to another young girl. As the story unravels, viewers become aware of the battles which each of the characters faces with "justice, retribution, and morality."

The festival was founded in 2004 by Del Weston, as a platform for filmmakers to showcase their talent. All movie genres are accepted, and the festival is not limited to only action films. Excellent actors and film projects are selected for awards from a total of eight categories.

For any filmmaker, producer, writer, actor, or composer who wants their work to be recognized, 'Action on Film' is where they can get their foot in the door.

Over the years, the festival has helped many aspiring filmmakers and actors to launch their careers and aims to draw even more attention to filmmakers and writers from all over the world.

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