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It has long been the trend in Iran to present clothing at an annual exhibition at the end of each year. Nowadays such exhibitions are held in hundreds of locations throughout Iran, such as Vahdat Hall in Tehran. Over 35,000 manufacturers use these exhibitions to sell their items which include clothing and Nowruz goods like nuts and cookies and other sweet delicacies served during their spring visits.

The fashion industry has changed dramatically as clothing on sale has a much more stylish look to it than before, and what's more, the middle-class Iranians can afford to purchase these items at the exhibitions as they are below wholesale price.

The private sector has taken to presenting women's clothing at fashion shows, including catwalks as they do in Western countries. As a result, many young designers have emerged onto the fashion scene. These designers tend to start off small and then break through to larger markets aimed at middle-class young women looking for a casual, affordable look.

One such group of young designers is Anargol who became successful simply by word of mouth. They also owe much of their success to social media, Facebook in particular. They offer their clothing at affordable prices and will also accept orders for custom-made outfits. The team now has seven stores located in different areas of Iran.

Anargol creates manteaus, skirts, and shawls which are made by eight seamstresses using fabric purchased at Tehran's bazaar. These fabrics are, however, imported from China, Thailand, and India.

Some fashion shows take place in private homes and have semi-annual or seasonal shows where they can take their clients orders. Some these businesses which operate in this manner have designers and seamstresses on their payroll, and such establishments are known either as boutiques or maisons, as they are more commonly known throughout Iran. Maisons tend to refer more to the upmarket shops which sell tailor-made items and imported clothing and shoes.

These businesses run from private homes in upscale neighborhoods and carry expensive clothing pieces which are often sold in larger cities. These establishments are well-suited to clients who prefer foreign clothing items, such as those made in Turkey which are either brought in through the black market or brought in by travelers.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and blogs are often used before a major fashion event to get the word out.

Iranian women have a unique talent and creativity and have given their fashion a more appealing look and fit, for a hipper, more elegant generation. They are in no way lagging behind Western styles when it comes to design, and they are often more innovative in their approach to fashion.

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