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Do Persian singles want kids these days?

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We asked 316,371 single Persian women about their desire to have kids. Here's what we found.

We asked Persian singles if they want to have kids. They said:

Here's how Persian women in LOS ANGELES answered:
Want Kids
Don't want kids

Here's how Persian women in TEHRAN answered:
Want Kids
Don't want kids

Half of the people polled said they did not want to have children. How does this differ between women and men?
Women who don't want kids
Men who don't want kids

Of the people who did want kids, here's what they said when asked how many they want.

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I want 2 kids however i am open to more if me and my future wife agree and have financial mean to raise them.

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I don't want to have kids of my own but don't mind kids of my partner.

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Four if I am rich, and two if I would be in average economic status. But all the decisions must be made after consent of my partner.

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Eleven -to form a soccer team... well, it does say "would you like to have" not what "your partner would like to have" !!

In contemporary Persian society, there is a growing trend among some men and women who choose not to have children. While parenthood has traditionally been highly valued, shifting societal dynamics, changing economic realities, and evolving personal aspirations have led to a divergence in perspectives regarding starting a family. Some Persian individuals prioritize career advancement, personal development, or other life goals over parenthood, opting for a child-free lifestyle. Additionally, factors such as concerns about overpopulation, environmental sustainability, and the demands of modern living contribute to the decision to remain childless for some. Despite cultural expectations surrounding family and lineage, an increasing number of Persian men and women are embracing the choice to forgo parenthood, asserting their autonomy and redefining traditional notions of fulfillment and success.

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