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Dating Advice for the Time of Your Life

IranianPersonals Magazine > Dating Tips & Advice| February 23, 2021

Happy couples start with great dates.

Meeting the right person can be life changing and if it's worth it you'll certainly work at it to make sure that both of you are happy in the relationship. With so many dating articles and advice columns out there we have all spent a quiet evening or two at home reading websites trying to get the best advice on dating.

If you'd like to keep dating fun, you need to realize that there are two people in the relationship that should be considered. And this can sometimes be slightly frustrating at times. Well, there is no need to turn to any other dating advice websites, we have our top 10 dating tips right here.

1. Your Happiness - Your Responsibility

Only you can make yourself happy, not your partner, not your friends, not your family. Of course, these people make us feel good and we enjoy spending time with them, but we should learn to be a whole person on our own. Appreciate yourself for who you are and this will help you to appreciate and value others as well. Relationships will be more fun, less stressful and so much more meaningful when you find happiness from within. You'll enjoy spending time with others and also cherish your alone time which we all need.

2. You are Number One

It is not always selfish to put yourself first, your needs are important and you should learn to love yourself so that you can let that love overflow into your relationship. Your words and your actions reveal who you are and what you are feeling inside, and are vital to any relationship. So, take care of number one first, know who you are and what you want out of life, this will make your relationship simpler for you and your partner.

3. Finding Love When You least Expect It

You could be looking for amazing relationships and experiences that you may end up having with someone you least expected to hook up with. If you don't envision a relationship as being a long lasting one, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't make the most of it. So, enjoy the moments you have to make memories. It is possible that you could adjust to a person and their lifestyle and have a long-term relationship after all. On the other hand, you could move on having grown from it and had a great time without putting any pressure on yourself.

4. Timing Is Everything

Make sure that you consider dating to be significant enough that you put enough time into it, there is no use in looking at online profiles and never getting to meet someone. Mix it up a bit with some online chatting and face-to-face dating. Just be proactive about it, create a good online dating profile put yourself out there, if you are waiting for love to come along, you could end up waiting indefinitely.

5. Compatibility is Key

While it is surely interesting and fun to meet different kinds of people, it is important to be with someone who is compatible and will have a positive influence on you. Some people just bring out the best in others and others simply don't know no matter how hard they try. Be in touch with who you are as a person, you shouldn't need to change your personality or goals just to suit your date. When you meet a compatible partner you should feel that the relationship is right for you and you can easily relax.

6. A Good Match, But The Timing Is Off

One important thought to bear in mind, there is no such thing as the right partner at the wrong time, or vice versa. If it's right, it's right, no question about it.

Don't waste your time falling for someone straight after a break up just because you felt that he or she was perfect for you. You're only making things more difficult by pressurizing yourself to enter into a new relationship where there are so many questions you might be asking yourself. Perhaps you think the relationship could work if you weren't so emotional after your recent break up, or if he or she lived in your neighborhood, or worked less hours and wasn't so busy and so on and so on.

In a situation such as this, you are attempting to believe whatever you have to even though you both feel differently about certain aspects of having a relationship. Some dating advice for girls, in most cases, this is not the right relationship for you as you are more than likely at different stages of your lives which could easily lead to conflict at a later stage in your relationship.

7. Breal The Rules From Time To Time

So, we all have our standards and a keen idea of what we are looking for in a partner. But life is no fairytale and we know that Prince Charming won't just come walking through the door and that's why it is not so bad to break the rules every now and then. That's right, it's ok to change our standards as long as a partner meets most of our expectations.

Going on a first date can be somewhat similar to a job interview, is the applicant acceptable or not? If you're sporty you'll prefer an active person, although it may not be that bad to date someone who does not exercise, you could compromise on something like this. However, if you are allergic to cats or other pets, this is something which affects your health and is a definite no. Looking at points such as these, may help you to find a more compatible partner without going through too many first dates.

8. Watch Out For Warning Signs

If you have dated someone a couple of times and they check most of the boxes with a few compromises here and there, one could fall head over heels in love, as there may be nothing stopping you. Remember to always keep an eye out for warning signs that something could be wrong. You may not notice a red flag at first, but once you have seen it a few times, think carefully about this. When a person exhibits certain character traits or habits which you find disturbing, it could be a red flag. Sure, some of us say and do things to annoy others and we need to put up with these negative parts to a relationship. So make sure you can handle the positive and negative side to a person.

9. Earning Trust

Most of us tend to be rather vulnerable on a first date by trusting a person too much and sharing so much about our personal lives, women in particular. We are so quick to fall into this trap and should be more mindful about what we do and say. Your date could have the best intentions for a future relationship and making you part of it, but it's up to you to be sure about this.

Make sure that they are willing to put as much into the relationship as you are, let them into your life slowly, step by step and see how things go and how they treat you in different situations. Focus on the small things and remember to keep your eyes open for red flags.

10. What Are You Waiting For?

You may be stressing yourself out about finding the love of your life without even realizing it. Some people wake up every morning and go to bed at night obsessing about it. The only way to change this it to get out there and live your life, stop waiting for love to find you. Try out some different dating techniques and keep dating fun by including some friends to come along with you. You'll soon see that your entire outlook on dating will change. Have another look through these top 10 dating tips for a healthy relationship and put them into practice, you're about to have the time of your life!

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