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Berlin's youngest gallery owner, Anahita Sadighi, has revitalized Asian art in the city and celebrated the one year anniversary of Anahita Arts which she founded in 2015. The gallery, nearby Savigny Platz in the western district of Berlin, features antique art from East Asia and the Middle East, including mostly Japanese Woodblock Prints, Chinese Furniture, East Asian Ceramics, Buddhist Art, Carpets and Textiles and Islamic Art.

Sadighi says that through her gallery, she hopes to liberate the "far eastern cultures from having such a "negative and controversial reputation" and to "awaken the mesmerisation for the Oriental again."

Sadighi may be a familiar name for those who know art galleries in Berlin, and it continues the tradition of another Berlin-based gallery, Neiriz - Non-European Art, which was founded in 1980 by Anahita's father, the art collector and painter, Hamid Sadighi.

Her vision for the future of her gallery is to transform it into a cultural institution in Berlin. She aims to combine old-school art dealing with new possibilities, raising awareness for Asian art.

Sadighi says that the twenty-first century belongs to Asia; Europe and America had many years in the spotlight, and now it is time for an Asian renaissance.

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