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Many years ago, Iranian women, particularly the younger generation longed for the 'right' kind of brands to become available. In other words, they wanted western labels. Iranian women viewed western labels as more fashionable, trendy and cooler than domestic companies. This meant that these kinds of labels were more costly. Local brands were far and few in between. Those that existed weren't viewed as cool by younger generations and struggled to survive against Western brands. However, over recent years, all this has started to change. Domestic designers began to creep into the spotlight with their own unique and inspiring ideas. They created outfits that were vibrant, colorful and attractive to a young audience. In the present day, there are now many registered and unregistered local brands in Iran.

Similar to many others in the global fashion sector, new designs reach the catwalk and shops every season. Like other fashion designers, they have their models. In contrast to other businesses, they refrain from advertising around town. Instead, their professional photos cause a stir and get tongues wagging on social media sites.

An upcoming registered fashion brand for women goes by the name Poosh. Their brand provides customers with a range of clothes, accessories, purses, and shoes, all of which are handmade. The main person behind Poosh's success is designer Farnaz Abdoli, who is in charge of a group of fashion experts.

Farnaz Abdoli explained how as a young woman, she frustrated at being unable to find the desired street-wear that she wanted. She questioned why she should be forced to wear something that adheres to a particular format. She longed to wear clothing that was likable and tasteful without clashing with the Islamic dress code.

Determined, with a graphic design degree under her belt, she attempted to create her style. She traveled to Tehran, Istanbul and Dubai to participate in many different fashion workshops and launched some clothing exhibitions. Just three years later she unveiled Poosh to the world.

She explains how she prepares her collection by researching global fashion trends ahead of each season. She works in close collaboration with Iranian designers that live in different countries to share and brainstorm her ideas and of course for their advice.

Abdoli highlighted the fact that the whole process of setting up her brand was both time consuming and expensive. Perhaps this explains why there are few official women fashion brands in the industry today. She told us how women are under lots of pressure not to pass the red lines. This prevents people from taking risks and acting on their talent. It also explains why there are a lot of women fashion designers who choose only to advertise on social media forums such as Instagram and Facebook.

Despite Poosh being an official brand that has succeeded in all of the administration steps, they still opt to use social media as one of their most powerful advertising tools. Currently, more than 85,000 people follow Poosh on Facebook. Social media advertising has helped them reach out to clients in other countries. They now ship huge orders overseas. Most of the abroad customers aren't even Iranian.

Addoli's success is just an example of how Iranian women and small domestic brands are making it big in the spotlight. A new generation of fashion is on the horizon.

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