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If you have any Persian family roots, then this a must – read for you.  Here, you'll come across all those little things which you experience on a daily basis, only things you and other Persians could understand.  Things about your family and your life that you love, and then there are those few things which just annoy you so much, but you just can't get your family to realize.  If either of your parents is Persian, you'll relate to this article, and it might just leave you in stitches. Ever experienced any of these?
  • Your classmates bring peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to school, and you bring a kotlet sandwich, and everyone has to take a look to see what on earth you're eating.
  • Your parents and grandparents always want to use some strange, 'ancient remedy' whenever you are sick because they are convinced that it is the only thing that works.
  • You're almost 30, yet every time you go out, your mom has just got to keep calling every hour just to find out where you are.
  • Going out for an evening with friends is often met with comments from your parents like, "Where are you going?" "Who's going to be there?" "How many girls, how many guys?"
  • You invite your friends, who are not Persian, over for dinner, and they cannot believe how much food is on the table.
  • You crave the yogurt drink 'doogh,' but you don't know why you've just got to have it.
  • When you hear a rap song, you translate it into Farsi, and then laugh.
  • If you hear somebody playing the Persian guitar one more time, you're going to smash it.
  • You're always late for every possible event.
  • You've got to have designer labels.
  • When a family member calls from Iran, they talk so loudly, all the neighbors hear, and you feel so embarrassed. This talking goes on for hours.  It's even worse if your friend happens to stop by at the same time.
  • Once your parents finish their conversation, you know what happens next, it's your turn to talk to your relative even though they don't understand much of what you're saying.
  • When the women in your family reach a certain age, at least one of them has got to have blonde highlights, yes blonde.
  • Gold furniture and Persian rugs everywhere.
  • There is at least one BMW in your garage, but it's not that great. That's alright; your family just wants to tell other Persians that they do indeed have a BMW.
  • You never tell your parents what you get up to on weekends; they would never let you out again, and you know it.
  • They wanted you to get married as soon as you were born, and even started picking out items for your wedding day when they should have been decorating your baby room.
  • Your uncle has a huge, gold Rolex with lots of bling.
  • Your dad uses nearly an entire bottle of cologne every morning.
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