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Iran is located in Central Eurasia and is one of the top 20 largest countries in the world. Tehran is the capital city of Iran and also one of the largest. Iran is full of culture, politics and history. The diverse country played a large part in the 'Islamic golden age'. In addition, Iran holds an importance place in relation to international energy security and world economy. Shia Islam is the most widely followed religion in the country. Below we've complied a list of some of the most unusual and fun facts about Iran! The basics: Capital: Tehran Population: 75, 149, 669 (approximately) Currency: Iranian rial Official languages: Persian Language Government: Unitary state, Islamic republic
  • 'Islamic Republic of Iran' is the official name of Iran
  • The country deals in Iranian rial
  • Most of the people in Iran are Shiite Muslims
  • There are several languages used in Iran, including Persian, Kurdish, Turkic and a variety of dialects
  • 'Smog' is used to describe the bad level of air pollution in Iran
  • Tehran is the capital city of Iran
  • Dasht – e – Kavir is the largest desert in Iran
  • Up until 1935, Iran was known as Persia
  • Iran actually means 'Land of the Aryan's'
  • Interestingly, Iran is number 4 of the list of bloggers nation
  • The kings fruit, AKA pomegranate fruit originates from Iran
  • Iranian people refer to pistachios as 'smiling nuts' because of their semi-opening.
  • Iran has one of the highest number of mountains
  • It's believed that Persians are responsible for creating the earliest known windmills
  • Iranian life expectancy is currently 69 years old
  • Persian people have a literacy rate of 79%
  • Iran is unique in the sense that it has 10 borders including: Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iraq and Turkey.
  • Iran ranks 3rd in the whole world in terms of oil supplies and second in the world for natural gas.
So don't forget some of these interesting facts next time you come across someone from Iran!
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